Green iPod charger

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HYmini is a handheld, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power/solar power and conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all of your 5V digital gadgets.

“Spend an hour outside in the sun with HYmini and you’ll get enough power for 2 full hours of MP3 playtime. Ride your bike for an hour, with HYmini strapped on your arm, or mounted on the handlebars, and you’ll have enough power for over 50 digital photos or about 15 extra minutes on your cell phone.

Mount HYmini on a car window, drive about 40 MPR, and you’ll generate enough power to listen to over 8 hours of music on your MP3 or chat on your cell for over 40 minutes.”


Solio is a hybrid charger that can accept power from either the wall socket or the Sun and is powerful enough to charge all your handheld electronics. One hour of sun will give you enough charge to listen to your iPod for about an hour or provide up to 25 minutes of additional talk time on your phone. Solio comes in Silver, White, Black, and Pink and goes for $99.95. Some interesting facts;

– One hour of sunlight will provide about one hour of play time on your iPod

– Solio can store energy for up to one year

– A fully charged Solio will completely charge an average cell phone at least twice

– 60 minutes of sunlight will provide approx. 25 minutes of talk time and 10 hours of standby time.


Reware makes a lot of different products, my favorite is the PowerPocket 6.5 Watt. Powerpockets use the latest in Thin-Film solar energy technology to quickly and efficiently turn sunshine into electricity. The PowerPocket 6.5 Watt charges most micro-devices at the same speed as plugging them into the wall. Reware also makes bags that are big enough for your laptop with solar panels on the side that can charge almost as fast as plugging in to the wall.

All of these chargers connect easily to most gadgets and provide free, environmentally-safe energy. Another example of some cool, affordable products that are easy to adopt and yet drastically decrease your energy consumption, and lower your electricity bill.